Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Getting Ready

Today I am hard at work getting ready for my next dinner party, which will be Saturday the 21st.  I'm heading to the store shortly to buy what I can ahead of time.  The sorbet is already completed, and waiting in the freezer.  In doing these parties, it's important to do as much as you can ahead of time, because when the day comes, you always wish you had more time.

I've been planning now for over a month, and I still don't have all the details figured out.  Funny, I think I have it all together and always end up changing things at the last minute.  I've gone back and forth on some of the menu items, and had an aha! moment last week and changed the dessert.  But it comes to a point where you have to just go with what you have, and hope you remember good ideas for next time.

I had to get the menu finalized so I could meet with Erik, my wine guy.  I did that on Monday.  He is so great! As busy as he was, he took the time to make sure I came home with some great wines.  I keep hoping some of his knowledge will rub off on me, but unfortunately, I still don't feel comfortable choosing wines.  Besides, his knowledge base of both wine and food is so incredible.  It would take me months of research to do what he can do in five minutes.

Yesterday I got the menus completed.  Of course, I'd printed three of them before I caught a couple of formatting errors.  Oh well!  See if you catch them.  Here's a sneak peek.

Can you guess my theme?

Okay, I'm off to the store.  Things to do!

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