Monday, May 28, 2012

The Space Needle Dinner

What fun preparing for this!  First let’s talk about the inspiration for this party.

I’ve known Mary and Roy for ages.  Mary is my best friend Sue’s sister, and the family has had the good judgment kindness to adopt me as an honorary sister.  I wanted to invite them to dinner for ages, but I never felt good enough about my abilities.  This family throws lavish parties without blinking an eye.  To add to my trepidation, Mary is an excellent cook.  She attended Le Cordon Bleu.   Need I say more?  But, I bit the bullet, and throwing caution to the wind, invited them anyway.

This year commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Century 21 exhibit in Seattle.  Mary collects artifacts and memorabilia from the Seattle World’s Fair.  In fact, some of her collection is currently on display at the International Fountain Pavilion at Seattle Center.

Tying in with Mary’s love of the Seattle World’s Fair, Roy has teased me for years about taking him to the Space Needle for dinner.  This is because back when I was young and foolish, I told everyone I was going to make a million dollars.  I told Roy that when I made a million dollars I’d take him to the Space Needle for dinner.  All he remembers is the part about the dinner, not the million dollars, which I have yet to make!

So, I had my theme.  I’d recreate a meal that might have been served at the Eye of the Needle restaurant back in 1962. 

Several months ago, Sue and I were shopping an estate sale and came across a menu from the old Eye of the Needle restaurant.  So, how did I get access to that menu?  I didn't want to tip them off about the plans I had.  Luckily, a quick Google search found this.   It became the basis for my menu.  I found a few other menus, or mentions of food from the Seattle World's Fair, which helped me plan some of the side dishes.  Here is what I chose to go with, an adaptation of the Complete Space Needle Dinner.  It ended up costing me a bit more than $6.95 per person, I think, even adjusting for inflation.  Where is that time machine when you need it?

Cloud Lifter
Milky Way
Panorama Punch

Cheese and Crackers

French Onion Soup Au Gratin

Crab en Brochette with Bernaise Sauce

Grilled Salmon

Roast Prime Ribs of Beef
Artichoke Bottoms with Tender Green Peas
Potato Gems

Eye of the Needle Salad

Sebring Sattelite

If you are planning a Mad Men party, this menu would fit in perfectly!

Tomorrow, how I put it all together.

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