Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Salad - Eye of the Needle?

Eye of the Needle salad.  What the heck is that?!  From the description on the menu it said it consisted of "Crisp Romaine lettuce, seasoned and blended with finely chopped herring and croutons.  Our creamy dressing."  Okay, the lettuce, croutons and dressing I'm familiar with.  But who adds herring to their salad nowadays?  What kind of herring did they add back then?  Was this pickled herring, an influence from the Scandinavian population?  Or were they thinking something different?  I finally opted for kippered herring, making it almost like a Caesar salad.  This seemed most logical to me.  If anyone knows what this salad is really supposed to be like, please let me know!

Eye of the Needle Salad (my interpretation!)

10 cups Romaine lettuce
1 tin kippered herring, drained and chopped
1/2 cup ranch dressing (I made Uncle Dan's Southern dressing)
1 cup homemade croutons

Toss lettuce with herring and dressing.  Serve on salad plates.  Top with croutons.

Okay, I couldn't find the Space Needle shaped salt and pepper shakers.  So I improvised!

Fresh ground pepper anyone?

The wine is one I've had before, and enjoyed.  It was just as good this time. 
Thurston Wolfe 2010 PGV White

Clean and crisp.  Fruity but not frou-frou.  Perfect with the salad.  

I hope the salad settled your tummy.  Tomorrow is dessert!

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